June / July Newsletter

Dear Parents/Carers
It’s that time of year again when we send home our final newsletter, we, like you, can’t quite believe it is almost the end of the school year already.
As you may know we have a large number of children leaving us to go onto BIG school in just a few weeks’ time, therefore, we are going to try and ensure that our final weeks are full of fun. Furthermore, during the next few weeks, we will be completing our transition documents, this is an important document which we send onto your child’s new school, this also requires a signature and a comment from parents. More details to follow.

Golden Apple Award
We promote healthy eating in pre-school and once again we are looking to be awarded the Golden Apple Award as recognition of our healthy eating policy in pre-school. Furthermore, we have a lady from the oral health team coming into talk to the children on 29th June.

We would like to ask for a voluntary contribution towards the cost of printing your child’s learning journey, this would be a welcomed donation, as each learning journey can cost around £3 to print. Thank you.

Dates for your Diary
Tuesday 4th July – We will be having Catchlight photographers in the setting again. You are welcome to bring children along on this day who do not normally attend, along with any siblings at the beginning of the session am or pm. Catchlight will also take a class photo and an individual one on this day.

Tuesday 11th July – We will be holding a Sports day; this event will take place on the school field in the morning session. Unfortunately, this is only for the children who attend on a Tuesday morning, if you would like to come and see your child partake in this event, please arrive at pre-school from 10-30 till 11.30. Please ensure your child comes into pre-school at the usual time wearing trainers/pumps, T-shirts, shorts, or trousers.

Monday 17th July – Move up morning 9.30-11.30 (Chantlers Primary School visit).

Tuesday 18h July – School readiness session, parents are welcome to attend from 10.30-11.30, this will give you the opportunity to see what your child and the staff do during the sessions they attend. You will also be given information about what a ‘School Ready’ child looks like and how you can prepare your child for school. Please could you let a member of staff know if you will be attending, grandparents are welcome to attend if you can’t.

Thursday 20th July – End of term parties, (am and pm) all children welcome to attend. If your child does not normally attend and you would like to swap a session, please speak to Julia or Justine to arrange this. We are also asking for a donation of £1 towards the cost of the party, we have hired a bouncy castle and we will be providing party food and drinks. If your child stays all day, they will not need a packed lunch on this day. Please note; for the children of non-pre-school age, this will be the last day of term.

Friday 21st July – Graduation ceremony- Pre-school age children only to arrive at usual time. Parents to arrive at 10.45. If your child does not normally attend on this session you are welcome to bring them along so they can say goodbye. Additionally, Pre-School will be closed after the Graduation Ceremony; there will be NO lunch club or afternoon session on this day. Unfortunately, due to space and fire regulations we will only have 2 tickets per family available, with the possibility of being able to purchase more when each family have purchased the tickets they need. Tickets will be on sale from Monday 3rd July until Friday 14th July with the possibility of buying more from Monday 17th July.

All the staff would like to wish our leavers a fond farewell, it has been a pleasure to have been a small part of their first educational experience and watch how all the children have grown and developed during the time they have spent with us.
We would like to thank all the parents who are leaving us at this time and returning parents for your generosity over the past year or two and for your continued support.
We hope you all have a lovely break and look forward to seeing our returning children in September.

Happy Holidays.
From all the staff at Chantlers Pre-School.

April/May Newsletter

Sponsored Walk

We would like to say a big thank you to all the parents who have returned their child’s Sponsored walk form and money, if you have not returned this as yet, please could you return this asap thanks. The funds raised will allow us to buy new resources and develop our outdoor play area as proposed.

Dates for your Diary
Pre-School will be closed for the May Day Bank Holiday on Monday 1st May 2017.
2nd May 2017- Zoo Lab visit see below for further information.
26th May- Half term, Pre-school will close on Friday 26th May until Tuesday 6th June.

Zoo Lab
Once again, we will be having a visit from Zoo Lab on Tuesday 2nd May, please note, we have a limited number of places for this event, therefore if your child does not normally attend on this morning and they are due to start school this September please speak to Julia or Justine who will be able to arrange for your child to attend this visit. As we are a charity, we would like to ask for a voluntary contribution of at least £3.00 per child towards the cost of this visit, Pre-school will foot the rest of the bill. As previously mentioned we said we would have a free place for a child whose parents returned the questionnaire earlier this year. This has now been drawn randomly using names picked out of hat- the winner is Alice Pearson.
Well done, Alice .

Employee of the Term
In recognition of commitment to the setting, we are pleased to announce that Miss Baker was awarded employee of the term. We feel that Miss Baker goes above and beyond in delivering fantastic learning opportunities for the children and has shown great dedication in improving the setting. Miss Baker has also set up and regularly updates our fabulous Facebook page for parents, which has been a tremendous success. Mrs Humphries was also awarded a token gift and given recognition for her contribution to the setting, we think she does an amazing job on a daily basis. Well done to both members of staff.
We would also like to welcome Miss Emma Hodson who has joined the team on a part time temporary basis, Miss Hodson will be covering the lunchtime duties and will also work four pm sessions and one am session.

Parking Notice
We have been informed by the head teacher at Chantlers School that some parents are parking dangerously in the turning circle at the beginning and end of the sessions. Therefore, any car that is seen parked within this area will be reported to the school, who will then forward the car registration number onto the police and will be reported for parking dangerously. Furthermore, we would like to remind parents/ carers not to park across residents drive ways, as this has also been brought to our attention.
Please park considerately when dropping off and collecting your child at pre-school.

Thank you for your continued support as always, from all at Chantlers Pre-School

March Newsletter

Dear Parents/Carers

We are looking at holding a Super Hero Sponsored listening walk on Tuesday 28th March in the morning session and Thursday 30th March in the afternoon session. On these days, your child can come into pre-school dressed as a super hero if they like, but please do not send the girls in with long dresses, as they may get dirty along the way. Wellies must also be worn as it can get very muddy on the track we usually follow. Please could you ask all your family and friends to sponsor your child. In the event of the weather being too bad it will be postponed until after the Easter holidays. This year we are looking to raise money to buy resources that will enhance our tarmac area outdoors and buy some new resources e.g. toys and other items that have been stored in the shed, this is due to the concrete shed floor being flooded, which has resulted in the toys becoming unfit for use; therefore, as the shed floor is in ‘desperate’ need of repair, if you know of anybody who would be able to help lay a new concrete floor; please speak to Julia or Justine if you can recommend anybody, or you can help us with this matter. Thank you.

We would also like to purchase a sheltered sand pit and balancing beams, which will help encourage role play, co-operative play and develop fine and gross motor skills whilst the children are outdoors. The funds raised will help us purchase this new equipment and will allow your child to access high quality educational experience whilst outdoors. (Sponsor forms to follow).
(Additionally, we would like a couple of adults to help out on these days, please let us know if you or a relative would be able to accompany us).

Polite Reminders: –
• Please could you ensure that your child has wellies in the setting at all times.
• We have a number of clothing items which are unnamed in our lost property box; this is located in the entrance. Please could you check this next time you are in the setting to see if any of this belongs to your child.
• We would like to ask if you could arrive on time at the beginning and at the end of each session, especially in the mornings, we would also like to ask that your child does not bring any toys from home into the setting. We have had a number of children bringing things in from home which have become lost or broken.
Thank you.

We would like to thank all the parents who have completed the settings questionnaire. However, due to the poor response rate of the questionnaire we sent home in February, we have decided that we will give you another opportunity to complete this, remember, by returning this questionnaire your child may win a free place for the Zoo Lab visit in May (more details to follow). We value your views and opinions of the setting and would like some feedback about how we can improve; we have already moved the parents notice board into the main room, due to the nature of the responses we have received, where a number of parents didn’t know where it was.

Easter Bonnet Parade
Once again, we have decided to hold an Easter bonnet competition this year w/c Monday 20th March (Bonnets/ hats are available at Home Bargains for a small cost, along with the resources to decorated them which are reasonably priced). Each child who brings in a decorated hat/ bonnet will receive a small chocolate egg and there will be a prize for a preschool age child and non-preschool age child who has the best hat.

Please note we will be closing for Easter on Friday 31st March and will re-open on Tuesday 18th April.

Happy Easter from all at Chantlers Pre-school

February Newsletter

Dear parents/carers,

Please could you fill in and return the Facebook consent form and the questionnaires ASAP, don’t forget every questionnaire that is returned will be entered into a prize draw for a chance to win free entry to the Zoo Lab event we have arranged in April.

Library Books and Story Sacks
As many of you may know, we have a lending library for books and story sacks available for your child to take home and return after a few days, these have been a great resource and are very popular. However, please do not take these without notifying a member of staff. Additionally, please could you use the checklist inside the bag to make sure all the items are in before returning, these have cost the setting time and money to set up, and we have recently had sacks back with bits missing or items not coming back at all.

Letters and sounds
This month we are looking at alliteration in letters and sounds, after half term we will be sending out some card in a plastic wallet for your child to make a collage or draw pictures of items that start with the first letter of their name, Such as J- jelly, J-juice etc.

Tapestry Online Learning Journal.
Some parents are still experiencing difficulties with Tapestry, if you are having trouble logging on please speak to myself (Justine) or Julia and we will be able to assist you.

Oral health and well-being
As some of you may be aware, just recently the government have noted the amount of children having teeth extracted at a young age is becoming increasingly worrying, with lots of food having large amounts of hidden sugars. Therefore, ‘Change4Life’ have developed an app for you to download onto your smart phone or tablet, giving you an opportunity to scan barcodes on food packaging.
‘The Sugar Smart app allows people to scan the barcode of over 75,000 everyday food or drink products and see how many 4 gram sugar cubes it contains (total sugar). They can also share a ‘sugar reveal’ with their friends and family, and find hints and tips to cut down on sugar on the Change4Life website. The Sugar Smart app is available for free from the app store and google play.’ Change for life
Visit this website for more information: (2016.) https://www.nhs.uk/change4life-beta/be-food-smart

Fundraising ideas
We will be looking to do another fundraising event during the next half term which allow us to purchase some resources for our outdoor area. We have done many fundraising activities in the past but would love some new fresh ideas to help us raise much-needed funds. We also have our friends of Chantlers pre-school group, which you are very welcome to join. This is an opportunity for you to give your ideas on any fundraising opportunities you may have. Please ask for further details on where and when these meetings take place.

Chantlers Pre-School Committee
We are in need of several new committee members to join our board of committee. Without a committee, we are unable to operate. So if you have a spare hour in the evening once every two months we would be very grateful. These are generally informal friendly meetings to discuss Pre-school events past and present and also gives you an insight into how we operate. Please see Julia or Justine for further information if you are interested.

Parents Evening
Don’t forget to book your parents evening slot. Time sheets are now available, these are displayed on the ‘new’ parents notice board, which is situated next to the door in the main room. Please note, this is an opportunity for you to speak to your child’s keyperson face to face to discuss your child’s progress, their development and next steps or to discuss any concerns or issues you may have. Your child’s learning journey will not be available to look at on this night, as the majority of observations are on tapestry which you already have access to at any time.
Don’t forget, we are closed from 3.45 on Friday 17th February and return on Monday 27th February (We will be closing at the usual time).

Adverse weather conditions update

In the event of unforeseen circumstances including adverse weather conditions, it may be necessary to close Chantlers Pre-School without prior notice.
There may be occasions when, due to unforeseen circumstances, Chantlers Pre-School may be forced to close for a limited time.
Possible reasons for closure could be (but not limited to):
• Weather – heavy snow, flooding etc. resulting in staff not being able to get to work;
• Outbreak of illness leading to not enough staff being able to maintain the staff-child ratio in nursery;
• Structural problem with the building and surrounding area resulting in Chantlers Pre-School being unable to provide a safe and healthy environment for both children and staff;
• Outbreak of contagious disease leading to closure of Chantlers Pre-School to stop cross contamination;
• Power cut leading to lack of heat/light or contamination to the water supply Chantlers Pre-School setting.
Bad Weather
In the event of heavy snowfall, which would make it hazardous for both staff and parents to travel to the Chantlers Pre-School building, Chantlers Pre-School manager, in conjunction with the Committee, will close the Pre-School.
If you wake up to heavy snowfall or heavy snowfall occurs before the start of the Chantlers Pre-School session the Chantlers Pre-School Manager and Deputy will phone all parents of children due at the session to inform them of the closure. Or alternatively if parents have any concerns they can speak to the staff at Chantlers Pre-School on 079345533006.
Should severe weather occur during a session, the staff will contact parents/carers by telephone and request they come and collect their child within the hour or as soon as feasibly/safely possible. If parents cannot be reached, then the emergency contacts from the registration form will be contacted. It is VITAL that correct contact numbers are kept up to date.
If severe weather continues the staff and committee will make an assessment, based on local weather forecasts, whether to close the setting for an extended period. Parents would be informed by staff of such extended closures by Facebook and telephone. Staff are advised not to make the journey to Chantlers Pre-School if severe weather conditions make travel potentially hazardous.
If the setting can safely open in adverse weather conditions, a limited service may be offered due to limited staffing. (It is important to remember that some members of staff have to travel considerable distances and may be advised not to make the journey to Chantlers Pre-School in severe weather conditions. However, the setting will endeavour to have as many staff as possible at the setting when this situation occurs). If the setting closes during a session, no credit will be given. If Chantlers Pre-School CAN open and parents decide not to send their children, fees will still apply and will be payable.
Other reasons for emergency closure
Should there be a need to close Chantlers Pre-School prior to the session starting (due to unforeseen circumstances) the Staff and Committee will endeavour to contact all parents as early as possible to advise them of the closure and give an idea of when the Chantlers Pre-School will re-open. If staff are unable to contact all the parents/carers they will arrange for a notice to be displayed outside the premises.
In the case of an emergency closure during a Chantlers Pre-School session, the staff will ensure the complete safety of the children and will follow the settings evacuation procedure. Staff will contact parents/carers by telephone and request they come and collect their child within the hour. If parents cannot be reached, then the emergency contacts from the child’s registration form will be contacted. It is VITAL that correct contact numbers are kept up to date. At least two members of staff will stay with the children until they have all been collected.
If Chantlers Pre-School CAN open and parents decide not to send their children, fees will still apply and will be payable.
* In a pandemic Chantlers Pre-School would be advised to close, possibly up to 2-3 weeks, with the advice then being reviewed (It could be advised to stay closed).
* If we have reason to believe that any child is suffering from a notifiable disease we would inform OFSTED and act on any advice given by the Health Protection Agency (HPA) www.hpa.org.uk . A list of notifiable diseases is the EYFS file.
If you require any further information on any issues raised, please feel free to contact us at any time.
Kind Regards Chantlers Pre-School Staff and Committee.
Useful resources and websites
Health Protection Agency www.hpa.org.uk telephone no: 01372 0201 1700

January Newsletter

Dear parents/carers
We would like to wish all returning and new parents a happy new year; we hope you have all had a lovely Christmas.
Thank you to all the parents/carers who came to see the nativity, I am sure you will agree the children were fantastic.
We would also like to say a big thank you to those who supported us in either providing donations for the raffle and/or buying raffle tickets. We raised over £310 which is a fantastic amount, this will go towards buying resources needed within the setting.
Additionally, all the staff would like to thank parents for the generous Christmas gifts we received, we are very grateful.
What we are learning
The topics we will be covering this half term are winter themed. The role-play area has been made into an igloo and the children will have access to several winter themed resources to support this topic in different areas around the room. Additionally, this term we be looking at celebrating Chinese New Year, along with many other activities linking to the EYFS.
Parents of Pre-School aged children: – Important Information please take note
• Please ensure you have submitted your application for the school of your choice on the Bury Council education website before January 15th Applications submitted after this date will be treated as late applications. Please note we do not complete the application for you and attending Chantlers Pre-School does not mean automatic entry to the reception class (N.B.we may be able to help you if you are experiencing difficulties completing the application from). Please visit the Bury council website for further details. www.bury.gov.uk/admissions
Packed Lunches
If your child stays for lunch, please could you inform a member of staff if they have anything that may need heating up. Additionally, please could you ensure your child has a healthy packed lunch and provide a drink. There are some lunchbox ideas on the change4life website, there is also a new and improved sugar app you can download on your mobile, this allows you to scan a barcode and it tells you the amount of sugar that is hidden in foods.
Tesco school uniform
We have been notified that Tesco uniform service have announced that uniforms are now on sale at a reduced price, limited stock available. Please go to www.tesco.com/direct/ues to find out more information.
Upcoming Dates for your diary
Thursday 9th March
We are looking at holding a parents evening on Thursday 9th March between 5.00pm and 7.00pm. This will be an opportunity for you to speak to your child’s key person on a one to one basis. You will be provided with a ten-minute slot to discuss your child’s progress or raise any concerns you may have. Please note, times will be available to book from week commencing 13th February. Please see a member of staff if this date is not convenient and we may be able to make alternative arrangements.

Clothing and Footwear
Please could you ensure all bags, items of clothing and footwear are named, we have had several items of clothing been left behind in the setting and we are unsure who it belongs to, We have a lost property box situated in the entrance, anything we find un-named will be place in this box for around 6-8 weeks. Additionally, please ensure you send your child into the setting wearing clothing and footwear that you would not mind getting dirty or marked. We operate a continuous provision service that mean your child will have access to messy play at all times. Which may mean that sometimes your child could get dirty and clothing/footwear may become stained in the process. Furthermore, could you also ensure your child attends the setting in appropriate clothing and footwear. Please note: your child may not be able to access the outdoor area without the correct clothing being worn.

Please note, Due to the nature of the weather please see sheet attached for contingency plans in regards to possible closures.
Thank you, Pre-School Staff

December Newsletter

Dear Parents/Carers
As you can imagine it is a busy time of year here in Pre-School, the nativity play rehearsals are going well and
the children are very excited.
This year the concert will take place over in the main hall at Chantlers Primary School on Monday 19th December at 9.45 for around about an hour and a half. After the performance, we will be providing soft drinks and nibbles, we will also be drawing the raffle tickets on this day. Please ensure all raffle tickets are returned to pre-school before Friday 16th December, otherwise you may not be entered into the draw. However, if you require any more tickets there will be a limited amount available to buy on the day.
Christmas Cards
Please could we ask that all children bring in one Christmas card addressed to all the class instead of individual ones, as we have over 35 children and we will not be able to distribute these daily. Thank you for your co-operation.
Christmas Jumpers
Every year we give the option for children to wear Christmas jumpers each day, this means your child does not have to wear uniform and can come to Pre-School wearing something ‘Christmassy’ from the week commencing 12th December onwards if you wish to do so.
Christmas Party Day
Please note, we will be having a visit from Father Christmas on the party day which will be held on Wednesday 21st December ALL children are welcome to attend and can wear Christmas party outfits or dressing up on this day. Please note there will be no afternoon session on this day. Please could you let us know if your child will be attending both the Christmas party and/or the nativity if they don’t usually attend these days, thank you.
Importance health notice:
Over the past few weeks we have had an extraordinarily large number of children off sick with various illnesses. Including winter vomiting bug, diarrhoea, coughs, colds and high temperatures. If you think your child may be coming down with, or have any of these illnesses please keep them away from the setting for 48 hrs after the last bout of sickness, diarrhoea or high temperature. We have also had several members of staff off over the past week due to illness. Please see attached sheet.
Please note: We have been advised by Public Health Agency in Bury that the number of people off ill is probably due to the time of the year and is perfectly normal. The setting is thoroughly cleaned at the end of the day to minimise the spread of infection. If you are unsure or have any queries regarding any health concerns or whether to send your child into the setting, please feel free to ask a member of staff who will be able to advise you using the Public Health England guidelines.
Additionally, please could you ensure your child has clothing in the setting that is appropriate for the weather, i.e. hat, gloves, wellies, jumpers etc.
Finally, ALL THE STAFF would like to wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR.
We will be closing on Wednesday 21th December at 11.45 after the party. Please note there will be no afternoon session on this day. We will be re-opening on Monday 9th January 2017.

Oct / Nov Newsletter

Dear parents/ carer
The children have settled into pre-school extremely well and children both returning and new are beginning to form friendships with their peers and have formed good relationships with the staff.
We are looking to have all parents added to Tapestry by the end of November. (N.B. If you have not previously provided us with your email address or have changed it, please inform us of this ASAP.) More details to follow.

Polite reminders
• Please could we ask that fees are paid on time and within one week of receiving your invoice as late payments may incur a charge. Thank you.
• Additionally, please could you ensure your child arrives in the morning session for 8.45 whenever possible, as this is causing disruption to the daily registration session.

Key Person and Key Groups
We have decided to add a back up Key person system for your child, this to ensure continuity of care in the event of your child’s key person not being in the setting. These are as follows:
• The Yellow Group Key Person is Mrs C. Humphries -back up Key Person is Mrs J Coles.
• The Purple Group Key Person is Mrs C Jordan – back up Key Person is Mrs J Wood.
• The Red Group Key Person is Miss F Baker- back up Key Person is Mrs J Wood.
• The Pink Group Key Person is Miss L Dudley- back up Key Person is Mrs J Coles.
• The Green Group Key Person is Miss S McKenzie- back up Key Person is Mrs J Wood.
• The Blue Group Key Person is Mrs Hughes – back up Key Person is Mrs J Wood
If you are unsure which group your child is in please ask a member of staff or see the parent’s notice boards, which are situated in the main entrance.

The committee have decided that we will once again be able to offer additional lunchtime sessions, as we have had several parents asking for this service recently. We can offer this to children who attend am sessions and will incur a cost of £4. This means the am session would be from 8.45am- 1.00pm if they stay for lunch (Packed lunch required).
This is only on a first come first served basis and spaces are limited. If you require additional information, please speak to Julia or Justine who will be able to see if this option is available.

Dates for your Diary
Remember Pre-School closes on Friday 21st October for half term. We re-open on Monday 31st October 2016
Monday 31st October – Children can attend the setting in suitable Halloween fancy dress costumes on this day as we are holding a Halloween party in both sessions.
Tuesday 15th November- We have a new Pre-School Photographer who will be in the setting both morning and afternoon. If your child does not normally attend on this day 3and you would like to have your child photographed, please speak to Julia or Justine and we can arrange a time for you to call in, furthermore if you would like siblings to be in on this photo please let us know before the day arrives.
Friday the 18th November – Children in Need. If you would like your child to join in on this day you are welcome to bring them into the setting in fancy dress. This year the theme is ‘Spotacular’. Please send your child into pre-school wearing something spotty along with a donation to support this worthy cause.

Finally, we have created a new Facebook page for Chantlers Pre-school. Please could you like and share our page and leave us some feedback, this will be gratefully received. We have already had some fantastic feedback thank you to those parents past and present who have already done this. Thank you to Miss Baker who has spent a lot of time developing and setting up this page, it looks amazing.
We hope you have a good break and look forward to seeing you after the half term.

September Newsletter


Firstly, we would like to welcome our new Parents/Carers to Chantlers Pre-School we hope your child has adapted well and is talking about their experiences with you at home. Secondly, we would like to welcome back our retuning children and families and hope you all had a good summer. Please could you return the ‘Look what we did in summer’ sheet asap, as this provides us with vital information which informs our tracking and contributes to your child’s learning and development record.
Learning Opportunities
Our planning this term will be focused on Autumn, where we will be sharing stories about Autumn, and providing communicative opportunities within our role play area which has been turned into a Percy the Park Keeper den. Your child’s Key Person will also be offering a variety of adult led and child focused activities following the EYFS; If you are unfamiliar with the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum please do not hesitate to ask a member of staff or look on this web site for more information http://www.foundationyears.org.uk/2015/03/what-to-expect-when-a-parents-guide/ (we have limited paper copies of this document available for a small fee). This term we will be talking to children about rules and boundaries by encouraging children to form friendships with others.

Additionally, we have also commenced our letters and sounds phase one. This is an educational programme where children take part in phonics based activities in small groups. For more information, please speak to Miss Dudley who is our letters and sounds co-ordinator or visit this website for more information. http://www.foundationyears.org.uk/2011/10/letters-and-sounds-phase-1/
Finley the Dog/ Fifi the Cat
We have introduced the children to our resident animals (don’t worry they are only cuddly toys) Finley the dog and Fifi the cat. Each child will have the chance to take one of these animals home for the weekend sometime over the next year, along with a diary and a bag. We would love it if you could take photos and write about what your child has done with the animal, for example a trip to the park or visiting relatives etc. This will then be shared with the rest of the children when they return to school.
We would like to thank all our past and present parents for the generous donations during the past few years, this has allowed us to purchase a new climbing frame which is now in place.

Polite reminders/ important messages

• We would like to remind parents of pre-school age children that your child DOES NOT obtain an automatic place at Chantlers Primary School. You will have to apply for the school of your choice between September 2016 and no later than 15th January 2017.
This can be done online via the Bury Council website. If you have any questions or queries regarding admissions, please contact the education admissions department directly on 0161 253 6474. Once the application has been submitted you can contact them at . (mailto:admissions@bury.gov.uk) or on the above telephone number. Please note Chantlers Pre-School will NOT complete the application for you. However, if you have difficulties with getting online or completing the form, please do not hesitate to ask Mrs Julia Coles or Mrs Justine Wood and they may be able to help you complete and submit your application.
• For those children who are staying for lunch please could you make sure your child has a healthy packed lunch that will not over face them, we have several children who come with packed lunches that have lots of food in them. There is a healthy lunchbox guide for young children on the Change 4 Life website. We also ask that lunchboxes contain a small drink and have no sweets/ chocolate or fizzy drinks in them thanks. Please could we remind parents/ carers about the £1 Fruit money which is payable weekly the tick sheet is placed on the unit near the door. Thank you.
• We are currently collecting books to raise money for the setting. If you have any books, children’s or adults that you no longer need, please could you bring them into pre-school, these books will then be given to a past parent who is able to turn these donations into cash for our setting.
Opening and closing times
At this time of year, we have children who are new to the setting and are still settling in, when children arrive late it can often cause children to become distressed. We open the doors at 8.40 to allow those parents/carers who have siblings at school to drop off children in pre-school before taking others onto school. Therefore, please could you ensure your child arrives before 8.45 as we have to complete the register as soon as possible, this also allows us to comply with the relevant fire regulations. Please note: The main door will be closed from 8.50. Additionally, please could you arrive promptly when collecting your child BEFORE 11.45 or 3.45. Any persons arriving more than 5 minutes late will incur a charge to avoid this the doors will be open from. 11.35 am and 3.35 pm.
We have limited spaces available if you require additional sessions. Please book now to reserve your child’s place if you are interested before the January intake.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Ofsted Report September 2015 (Good)

Chantlers Pre-School
Chantlers CP School, Foulds Avenue, Bury, Lancashire, BL8 2SF
Inspection dates
Previous inspection date
18 September 2015 – 18 September
28 November 2011
The quality and standards of the
early years provision
This inspection: Good 2
Previous inspection: Good 2
Effectiveness of the leadership and management Good 2
Quality of teaching, learning and assessment Good 2
Personal development, behaviour and welfare Good 2
Outcomes for children Good 2
Summary of key findings for parents
This provision is good
 Settling-in procedures for new children are strong. Children are very happy and display
lots of confidence in the pre-school environment. They build secure relationships with
their key person and their personal, social and emotional development is well
 Staff are enthusiastic practitioners and provide children with a good range of activities
which they enjoy taking part in. Children are eager to learn and discover new skills. All
children make good progress in their learning, regardless of their age or capabilities.
 The pre-school is well established within the community, with many parents returning
with younger siblings. Parents speak very positively about the care and education their
children receive and the guidance they get to support their child’s learning at home.
 Partnerships with the host school are excellent. The manager and headteacher
regularly share best practice and discuss the progress children are making. This has a
positive impact on the outcomes for all children.
 Self-evaluation is effective and successfully takes into account the views of the
committee, staff, parents and children. The manager and committee set clear targets
which lead to further improvements in the pre-school.

It is not yet outstanding because:
 Some staff act in a supervisory manner when children are playing outdoors and do not
teach and interact fully to deepen children’s learning even further.
 The management team have not fully considered updating their information with
parents about children’s progress when children return after the summer holidays.
Inspection report: Chantlers Pre-School, 18 September 2015 2 of 5
What the setting needs to do to improve further
To further improve the quality of the early years provision the provider should:
 improve the quality of staff interaction in supporting and extending children’s play
experiences outdoors
 increase the opportunities for parents to share their children’s progress made at home.
Inspection activities
 The inspector observed the quality of teaching during activities inside and outdoors,
and assessed the impact this has on children’s learning.
 The inspector completed two joint observations with the manager.
 The inspector held a meeting with the manager and the host school’s headteacher. She
looked at relevant documentation, such as the manager’s self-evaluation and evidence
of the suitability of staff working in the pre-school.
 The inspector looked at a sample of policies, including risk assessments and children’s
assessment records, and discussed the systems for planning children’s play
 The inspector spoke to a small selection of parents and children during the inspection
and took account of their views.
Joanne Parrington
Inspection report: Chantlers Pre-School, 18 September 2015 3 of 5
Inspection findings
Effectiveness of the leadership and management is good
The management and staff have a good understanding of the legal requirements. The
arrangements for safeguarding are effective. Staff’s knowledge of the procedure they
would follow if they had concerns about a child or an issue with a member of staff’s
practice is secure. This is further supported by the management, ensuring that staff
receive regular training to update and refresh their understanding. Staff receive support,
coaching and guidance to enrich their practice. When staff have specific areas to be
strengthened, these are highlighted by the manager’s monitoring procedures and clear
targets are set. Children’s progress is monitored well. The manager has extended this
monitoring to different groups of children, so that that all children, including those in
receipt of early education funding, are benefiting from accessing a good quality provision.
Quality of teaching, learning and assessment is good
The well-qualified staff team provide good quality teaching and learning for all children,
including those who require additional support. When children play indoors, staff deliver
good quality activities and support their play well. They encourage children to develop a
have a go attitude. They ask children questions and encourage them to think how to work
things out and anticipate what might happen next. Children enjoy applying mathematical
concepts, such as numbers, shapes and basic quantities, to their play. They enjoy roleplay
situations, such as acting out doctors and nurses and caring for the injured staff,
making links to their own personal experiences. Children enjoy listening to and joining in
with storytelling sessions, developing their concentration levels. Parents are very much
involved and kept up to date regarding their child’s development.
Personal development, behaviour and welfare are good
Staff begin to form relationships with parents and children right from the start. The
manager reports on the positive impact this has on children’s emotional well-being.
Children’s good health and physical development are fostered well. Many of the children
enjoy being outdoors exploring the stimulating environment staff have created. Staff
reinforce good behaviour during activities, using lots of positive encouragement and
praise, which promotes children’s confidence and self-esteem. On the whole, children are
well behaved. They have clear, age-appropriate rules, which staff reinforce.
Outcomes for children are good
Children who are not reaching age-appropriate levels of development on entry to the preschool
are provided with intense support so that they catch up quickly. As a result, all
children leave reaching age-expected levels, with some exceeding. This means children
are successfully prepared with the key skills needed for their move on to school.
Inspection report: Chantlers Pre-School, 18 September 2015 4 of 5
Setting details
Unique reference number EY346120
Local authority Bury
Inspection number 857345
Type of provision Sessional provision
Day care type Childcare – Non-Domestic
Age range of children 3 – 5
Total number of places 32
Number of children on roll 49
Name of provider Chantlers Pre-School Committee
Date of previous inspection 28 November 2011
Telephone number 07934 533 006
Chantlers Pre-School was registered in 2009. The pre-school employs seven members of
childcare staff, all of whom hold appropriate early years qualifications at level 3. The preschool
opens Monday to Friday during term time only. Sessions are from 8.45am until
3.45pm. The pre-school provides funded early education for two-, three- and four-year-old
This inspection was carried out by Ofsted under sections 49 and 50 of the Childcare Act
2006 on the quality and standards of provision that is registered on the Early Years
Register. The registered person must ensure that this provision complies with the
statutory framework for children’s learning, development and care, known as the Early
Years Foundation Stage.