January & February Newsletter 2019

Dear Parents & Carers, we hope you all had a lovely Christmas and are looking forward to this new year.

Firstly, we would like to welcome back all our returning children, parents & give a special welcome to our new children and families that have recently joined us.

The Christmas festivities went really well, with the Christmas Grotto Visit, the Christmas Party , the parents Christmas Crafting and Carol singing sessions. All the staff thought the crafting sessions were great and we had a lot of comments from parents and grandparents, who also said it was lovely.

We would like to thank everyone for their donations of items for the Hampers, purchasing raffle tickets and coming to the sessions. Together with the generous donations from Lloyds Bank and Asda Radcliffe we raised a massive £880. This money has allowed us to purchase some new outdoor play equipment and enhance out already fantastic outdoor area. The items we have purchased can be seen on our notice board and we cant wait for them to arrive and get them ready for your children to play with.


Please note, due to the nature of the weather, the setting can sometimes become unavoidably closed. Please be assured that these decisions are not taken lightly and do not happen without genuine reasons for closure.

Please see this web site or look out for a message on Famly for our contingency plan in regards possible closure and any other information and updates to the setting.


We now have all sizes of uniform in stock, especially if you need extra’s or a size bigger, we can now provide up-to a size 7-8 Jumper. Please ask to purchase these items.

Polo shirts are £7.50 and Sweatshirts are £8.00


Please could you send your child into pre-school with appropriate clothing for the weather and ensure that they have spare clothing, hats, gloves and wellies at all times.

Furthermore, please can you refrain from collecting your child early, unless this is done by prior arrangement, as it can cause upset to the little ones. Thank you.

Paper needed

We have lost our previous paper supplier and we are in short supply, we would be grateful for any donations if you can help. Thank you.

Help needed

We have some rubbish that needs moving and a wooden play house that needs dismantling and taking away. If you can help or know someone else that can help please speak to Julia or Justine to arrange a time and date.

Thank you in advance

Fund raising

Dear Parents/Carers,

We would like to thank everyone for their contributions towards the charities we have helped support recently. We have raised :

Jeans for Jeans Day £38.00 

Everyone came into pre-school with their Jeans on.

British Legion Poppy Appeal £47.00

We made poppies and cakes

Children in Need £56.68  

We all came in Fancy dress costumes

Thank you all so much

September & October Newsletter

Welcome to Chantlers Pre-school

Firstly, we would like to welcome our new Parents/Carers to Chantlers Pre-school, we hope your child has adapted well and is talking about their experiences with you at home. Secondly, we would like to welcome back our returning children and families and hope you all had a good summer.

The children have now been assigned their key person and back up key-person, if you are unsure who these people are please don’t hesitate to ask. Last week the children began to take part in the Letters and Sounds program with their key-person. Children of Pre-school, age start off on phase one, which is continued throughout school. This is a government endorsed educational programme where children will take part in phonics-based activities in their key groups. For more information please go onto this website. http://www.foundationyears.org.uk/2011/10/letters-and-sounds-phase-1/

Polite reminder

Please could make sure your child arrives in the setting on time at 8.45, the doors will be closed shortly after. When children arrive later than others it can be quite unsettling for the new children when the door remains open or late arrivals ring the doorbell. Additionally, please could you ensure you arrive on time to collect your child at the end of the sessions, arriving no later than 11.45 am and 3.30, this is imperative as the children who stay all day have lunch at 11.45 and have a limited time to eat it. We also have several children who are now going over to the after-school club at the end of the session in the afternoon and a number of staff that have to pick their children up from school at the end of the day (doors generally open at 11.40 and 3.20). N.B: Any unauthorised late arrivals beyond 5 minutes to collect your child at the end of the session will incur a charge. See your terms and conditions for further information.


Committee members needed

As you may know Chantlers Pre-school is a committee run organisation which consists of current and past parents. As with immediate effect we require committee members to come on board.  If you are interested in joining or know somebody who would be interested, please speak to Mrs Coles or Mrs Wood who will be able to provide you with more details.  Meetings generally take place every 8 weeks in the evenings for around an hour and are held in Pre-school.

Please note: Without the required members of this committee we are unable to operate and may face closure.

Arthur and Louie

We have introduced the children to our resident dogs Arthur and Louie, (don’t worry they are only cuddly toys). Each child will have the chance to take one of these dogs home for the weekend sometime during the next year. We would love it if you could take photos and write about what your child has done with the dog by sharing this on ‘Famly’, for example a trip to the park, a family member’s house, or even just tell us that you’ve had a well-deserved quiet weekend at home. we will also send home a worksheet for you to write on about what you have done, this will then be shared with the rest of the children when they return to school and placed in your child’s learning  journey.

School Admissions

We would like to remind parents of Pre-school age children that your child DOES NOT obtain an automatic place at Chantlers Primary School. You will have to apply for the school of your choice between September 2018 and no later than 15th January 2019.

This can be done online via the Bury council website. If you have any questions or queries regarding admissions, please contact the education admissions department directly on 0161 253 6474. Once the application has been submitted you can contact them at <https://admissions.bury.gov.uk>.  (mailto:admissions@bury.gov.uk) or on the above telephone number.


Dates for your diary

Thursday 11th October – School photographer coming into the setting.

Friday 19th October half term

Re-open Tuesday 30th October

Wednesday 31st Halloween dress up day £1 each

June & July Newsletter

Dates for your Diary

Monday 25th June Class and individual school photos (Wednesday 27th back up day)

Monday 16th July- Chantlers Primary School visit

Thursday 19th July- Party day ALL children welcome to attend the morning session (See next page for further details.)

Friday 20th July- Graduation performance (Pre-school children only. No pm session on this day).

Notes for returning children

New opening times

Please note:  As from September 2018 the opening and closing times have been amended.  The morning sessions will run as usual. But the doors will now open at 8.45am not 8.40. Please ensure that your child arrives promptly as late arrivals can cause disruption, especially in September when we have new children starting.

Afternoon sessions will now be opening at 12.30pm and will close at 3.30pm (please note: doors will still be opened ten mins before the end of both sessions). If this is likely to cause any problems the afterschool club over at Chantlers primary may be able to offer your child a place. Please contact the school for more information.

Administration fee

We would like to remind the parents of returning children to pay the £10 fee for the September, this is to cover administration costs throughout the year (as agreed to in the terms and conditions).


In line with inflation and the rising cost of the daily running of the setting, we will be increasing the prices of the sessions with effect from September, each 3-hour session will now be charged at £18.00.


Please note children who are returning in September who will be of pre-school age will have to wear the royal blue polo shirts. Please complete the order form attached and return this along with payment by Friday 6th July. Polo shirts are priced at just £7.50. We have these in stock if you need to check on sizes. Please see a member of staff to look at these if you’re unsure of the size your child will need.


We would like to ask for a small contribution towards the cost of printing your child’s Learning journey. These documents are in excess of 30 pages, which is quite costly to print. Any amount no matter how small would be gratefully received.


On Monday 25th June we will be having Catchlight photographers in the setting, if your child does not attend on this day, please could you bring your child along at 10.00 am. This will be for an individual graduation photo and a group photo. Leavers only. (uniform is required on the day)


World cup

To support our team in the world cup, children will be allowed to wear England t-shirts football kits or come in dressed in red and white on the days of England are playing.


Party Day All children welcome

On Thursday 19th July we will holding our party day, this will be Hawaiian themed.

All children are welcome to attend this party which will be held in the morning session only. If you would like your child to swap the pm session and attend the party on this morning, please see Justine to arrange this. Sessions will run as normal for those who attend all day and a packed lunch will not be needed on this day. £1 per child

Please note: This will also be the last day for children who are returning in September. There is no pm session on Friday 20th July.

Graduation Day Performance- Friday 20th July

We will be selling tickets for graduation w/c Monday 2nd July. Tickets are priced at £1.50 per person. Each ticket will be entered into a draw to win the ‘class pets’. Unfortunately, we can only allow 2 tickets per family, this is due to the limited space we have in Pre-School. However, we may have some surplus tickets which will be available on a first come first served basis when everyone has purchased the tickets required. The performance will commence at 11pm on Friday 20th July. Refreshments will be available after the performance and you can also say goodbye to the staff and have the opportunity to take photos of your child, the staff and their friends. Please note: there will be NO lunch club or afternoon session on this day.


All the staff would like to wish our leavers a fond farewell, it has been a pleasure to have been a small part of their first educational experience and watch how all the children have grown and developed during the time they have spent with us.

We would like to thank all the parents who are leaving us at this time and returning parents for your generosity over the past year or two and for your continued support.

We hope you all have a lovely break and look forward to seeing our returning children in September.

Happy Holidays.

From all the staff and Committee Members at Chantlers Pre-School.

Goodbye and Good Luck

May Newsletter

Dates for your Diary

Thursday 3rd May closed (voting day)

Friday 4th May Zoo Lab visit

(Small voluntary contribution welcomed)

Monday 7th May closed Bank Holiday

Thursday 10th May Parents evening 6.00-7.30 pm

Half term close at usual time on

Friday 25th May reopen Tuesday 5th June

Thank you to all those who have return their sponsor forms and sponsor money, for  those who haven’t yet returned their forms and money please could you do so asap thank you. Up to now we have raised over £560, for this we would like to say a great big thank you, to you, your friends, and your relatives

Polite Reminders: –
Spare Clothing
If your child has been sent home with our spare clothes on, please could you send them back into Pre-school washed as soon as possible as we have very limited supplies. Furthermore, we appear to have a shortage of girls clothes in our spare clothes box. It would be appreciated if you could donate any leggings, trousers or skirts that are aged 3-4 and 4-5 if you have them. Thanks in advance.
Please ensure you phone the setting if your child is going to be absent for the day; it would be appreciated if you could ring us between 8.30 and 9.30 along with a reason why your child is absent. This time of year, is a crucial part of your child’s learning and development and is therefore, important that your child attends the sessions they usually attend.
Chantlers School have now been given permission to use the car park at Elton Vale sports club at drop off and pick up times. 8.15 till 9.00am and 3.15 till 4.00pm. Please see letter attached for further details. It would be appreciated if our parents would also use this facility instead of parking in the streets adjacent to the school.

Story sacks

Recently we have had several story sacks being returned with items missing, please could you ensure that all items are in the bag before they are returned. Any lost items will be charged as these have cost a great deal of money and time to set up.


Please could you upload any photos you may have of your child from the Easter holidays or any other times. These are very useful to our staff and can link in with the curriculum we work with. They are also nice for you to look at the end of your child’s time with us in their personal learning journey folder. Which you receive at the end of your child’s pre-school year.

Zoo Lab.

We are having a visit from Zoo Lab on Friday 4th May. We would like to ask for a small donation towards the cost of this, we are asking for a minimum contribution of just £4.  

Thank you

March Newsletter

Dear Parents/ Carers

World Book Day

Our world book day was once again a great success and  all the children looked fabulous. Thank you to all who donated on this day, we raised £23.50, which will be used to buy some new books for the children.

Sponsored Rammy Rock Ramble

On Thursday 29th March we will be holding a sponsored Rammy Rocks Ramble to raise money for our ongoing outdoor area project. We would like to ask you to bring in some pebble sized rocks for the children to decorate, these will be then hidden when we go on our ramble, lets hope we find some whilst we are out.

Easter Bonnet Parade

Once again we have decided to hold an Easter bonnet competition this year w/c Monday 26th March. There will be a prize’s for the best bonnets.

Polite Reminders

Please can you return the French lesson application forms asap, regardless of you wanting to contribute to this, so we can see if we have enough participants to go a head with this programme.

Please could you ensure that your child has wellies in the setting at all times, we are using the grassed area and it is muddy.

Please ensure you arrive on time at the beginning and the end of the sessions, especially in the mornings as this disrupts the register, and the children when the bell is rang 4/5 times. We open the doors at 8.40 am . Also no toys please, we have had a number of children that have brought things in from home that have become lost or broken. We only ask for item when it is your child’s turn to show and tell.

Can we also ask if your child borrows any of our clothing that it is washed  and returned to pre-school as soon as possible. If you have any spare clothes your child has grown out especially trousers, socks and underwear for both boys and girls ages 3-4 & 4-5 please could you donate them to us, as we are very low on stocks.

Story Sacks

Chantlers Pre-school have a story sack lending scheme, you are welcome to borrow these and use them at home with your child, however recently we have had them returned with item missing, any lost items will be charged as the setting can no longer afford to replace them, these sacks can cost us around £20 each to set up as well as the time to make them, we ask that you please look after them.

Dates for your Diary

Monday 26th -28th March Easter Bonner Parade to be judged on Wednesday 28th March.

Wednesday 28th March we are holding a School Readiness Session 10.15-11.30

(A letter was sent out to Pre-school aged children)

Thursday 29th March Sponsored Rammy Rocks Ramble  (Sponsor form sent out )

Please also remember that we closed on Thursday 29th March and re-open on Monday 16th April.

Finally, all the staff  and management team would like to wish you all a Happy Easter


February Newsletter

February Newsletter


What we have been learning

The topics we have been covering during the past term have been space themed. The role play area has been made into a space station and the children have had access to different space themed resources to support this topic within the room.  The staff have also been encouraging children to talk about the world around us and where we live, which leads us onto Valentine’s day. The children have been drawing pictures and talking about who they love and people who are special to them. We will also be discussing Chinese New Year along with Shrove Tuesday. The children will be trying pancakes and will be shown how to make them.

Packed Lunches

Please could you ensure your child has a healthy packed lunch and include a drink (not fizzy), recently we have had some children who are coming in with lots of sugary snacks and no drink at all. Each year the setting is awarded with the Golden Apple Award which shows that we are following healthy eating practices, therefore, we have to evidence that we advise our parents to follow the same healthy eating practices as we do in the setting.

Snack Contribution

As you may know as we are a charity we rely on donations and we would like to ask if you could kindly contribute to towards your child’s snacks. This small donation would be very much appreciated; all we ask is a £1 donation per child each week.

Clothing and Footwear

Please could you ensure all bags, items of clothing and footwear are named, we have had several items of clothing  left behind in the setting and we are unsure who it belongs to. Furthermore, we have had a number of children who have lost items of clothing, please could you check that your child has taken home their own jumpers cardigans etc. and not somebody else’s.

We have a lost property box situated in the entrance, anything we find un-named will be placed in this box for around 6-8 weeks. Additionally, please ensure you send your child into the setting wearing clothing and footwear that you would not mind getting dirty or marked. Could you also ensure your child attends the setting in appropriate clothing and footwear and ensure that pair of wellies are left in the setting, named and in a bag to be hung on their peg.

Please note: your child will not be able to access the outdoor area without the correct clothing, footwear, or wellies.


Please note, due to the nature of the weather and in light of the recent closure, the setting can sometimes become unavoidably closed. Please be assured that these decisions are not taken lightly and do not happen without genuine reasons for closure.

Please see pre-school website or Facebook page for contingency plans in regard to possible closures and any other information and updates relating to the setting.

For those parents who haven’t already visited our Facebook page, please take a look, this is a fantastic opportunity to see what the staff do with your child on a weekly basis in the setting.


Health and Safety Notice

Please could we ask that all siblings of children in the setting stay at the bottom of the ramp at the end of the day. We have a few siblings coming up the ramp and standing at the door or stopping children from going down.  This is causing issues when sending children out and is becoming quite problematic.  The safety of the children in our care become our concern until they reach you at the end of the ramp. Thank you.

Pre-school closed

Dear Parents & Carers,

Pre-school will be closed today, Thursday 1st March due to the bad weather conditions.

We will send a text message, post on here or you can check our Facebook page for updates for tomorrow.

Sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused.

We will still have a World dress up day, we will let you know when.
Thank you