What hours are the pre-school open?

We open from 8.45 am to 11.45 and 12.30-3.30 pm.  We also open through the lunch time period, for children attending all day sessions. We have a link with Chantlers Primary School, who can offer a before and after school session. For more information please contact Chantlers Primary School( Mrs Ward).

 What is a Key person?

This is a member of our staff who will look after and work with you and your child.

Will my child need to bring anything with them when they start?

We ask for a small bag to keep Wellington boots, spare clothes and nappies/pull-ups if required.

How do I pay?

You can pay by  bank transfer. You will be provided with an invoice at the start of each month stating how much you will owe. Prompt payments would be appreciated. (Sessions are £18.00 from September 2018)

How many staff do you have?

We have 8 staff in total, we work above the ratio guide lines.