February Newsletter

February Newsletter

What we have been learning
The topics we have been covering during the past term have been space themed. The role play area has been made into a space station and the children have had access to different space themed resources to support this topic within the room. The staff have also been encouraging children to talk about the world around us and where we live, which leads us onto Valentine’s day. The children have been drawing pictures and talking about who they love and people who are special to them. We will also be discussing Chinese New Year along with Shrove Tuesday. The children will be trying pancakes and will be shown how to make them.

Packed Lunches
Please could you ensure your child has a healthy packed lunch and include a drink (not fizzy), recently we have had some children who are coming in with lots of sugary snacks and no drink at all. Each year the setting is awarded with the Golden Apple Award which shows that we are following healthy eating practices, therefore, we have to evidence that we advise our parents to follow the same healthy eating practices as we do in the setting.

Snack Contribution
As you may know as we are a charity we rely on donations and we would like to ask if you could kindly contribute to towards your child’s snacks. This small donation would be very much appreciated; all we ask is a £1 donation per child each week.

Clothing and Footwear
Please could you ensure all bags, items of clothing and footwear are named, we have had several items of clothing left behind in the setting and we are unsure who it belongs to. Furthermore, we have had a number of children who have lost items of clothing, please could you check that your child has taken home their own jumpers cardigans etc. and not somebody else’s.
We have a lost property box situated in the entrance, anything we find un-named will be placed in this box for around 6-8 weeks. Additionally, please ensure you send your child into the setting wearing clothing and footwear that you would not mind getting dirty or marked. Could you also ensure your child attends the setting in appropriate clothing and footwear and ensure that pair of wellies are left in the setting, named and in a bag to be hung on their peg.
Please note: your child will not be able to access the outdoor area without the correct clothing, footwear, or wellies.

Please note, due to the nature of the weather and in light of the recent closure, the setting can sometimes become unavoidably closed. Please be assured that these decisions are not taken lightly and do not happen without genuine reasons for closure.
Please see pre-school website or Facebook page for contingency plans in regard to possible closures and any other information and updates relating to the setting.
For those parents who haven’t already visited our Facebook page, please take a look, this is a fantastic opportunity to see what the staff do with your child on a weekly basis in the setting.

Health and Safety Notice
Please could we ask that all siblings of children in the setting stay at the bottom of the ramp at the end of the day. We have a few siblings coming up the ramp and standing at the door or stopping children from going down. This is causing issues when sending children out and is becoming quite problematic. The safety of the children in our care become our concern until they reach you at the end of the ramp.

Thank you.