Emergency closure 22/01/2018

Dear parents/carers,
We have had to closed the pre-school today due to a leak from the roof that has caused a section of the the inner roof to collapse. We are in the process of getting this fixed. We are hoping to be back open on Thurday 25th January or sooner if we can be.
We are very sorry for the inconvenience caused to you and your families.
The pre-school management team.

December Newsletter

Dates for your diary
W/C 4th December: – Christmas jumpers may be worn from this day over the top of Pre-School t-shirt until the end of term. All we ask in return is a donation for our Christmas hamper or a raffle prize. Thank you.
Monday 18th December: – Nativity (Pre-school age children only)
Wednesday 20th December: – Christmas party ALL children welcome on this morning.
Please note that there will be no PM session on Wednesday 20th December.

As you can imagine it is a busy time of year here in Pre-School, the nativity play rehearsals are going well and the children are very excited. This year the concert will take place over in the main hall at Chantlers Primary School on Monday 18th December at 9.45 for around about an hour. After the performance, we will be providing soft drinks and nibbles, we will also be drawing the raffle tickets on this day.
Tickets for this performance will be available to buy w/c 4th December 2017 priced at £1.50.
Unfortunately, there will only be 3 tickets per family.

Raffle prizes.
If there is anybody who knows of any local business that would be willing to donate a small prize for our Christmas raffle, or if you could donate items yourself, such as bottles of wine, gift sets, chocolates, etc. They would be gratefully received.

Reindeer food
The children have been busy making reindeer food.
These are ideal to add to Christmas Eve boxes, or just to give to your child to sprinkle outside your door to guide Santa to your house.
These are priced at just 50p per pack.
Limited stock available.

Raffle prizes.
If there is anybody who knows of any local business that would be willing to donate a small prize for our Christmas raffle, or if you could donate items yourself, such as bottles of wine, gift sets, chocolates, etc. they would be gratefully received.

All the staff would like to wish all our children and families a very
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Ofsted Report September 2015 (Good)

Chantlers Pre-School
Chantlers CP School, Foulds Avenue, Bury, Lancashire, BL8 2SF
Inspection dates
Previous inspection date
18 September 2015 – 18 September
28 November 2011
The quality and standards of the
early years provision
This inspection: Good 2
Previous inspection: Good 2
Effectiveness of the leadership and management Good 2
Quality of teaching, learning and assessment Good 2
Personal development, behaviour and welfare Good 2
Outcomes for children Good 2
Summary of key findings for parents
This provision is good
 Settling-in procedures for new children are strong. Children are very happy and display
lots of confidence in the pre-school environment. They build secure relationships with
their key person and their personal, social and emotional development is well
 Staff are enthusiastic practitioners and provide children with a good range of activities
which they enjoy taking part in. Children are eager to learn and discover new skills. All
children make good progress in their learning, regardless of their age or capabilities.
 The pre-school is well established within the community, with many parents returning
with younger siblings. Parents speak very positively about the care and education their
children receive and the guidance they get to support their child’s learning at home.
 Partnerships with the host school are excellent. The manager and headteacher
regularly share best practice and discuss the progress children are making. This has a
positive impact on the outcomes for all children.
 Self-evaluation is effective and successfully takes into account the views of the
committee, staff, parents and children. The manager and committee set clear targets
which lead to further improvements in the pre-school.

It is not yet outstanding because:
 Some staff act in a supervisory manner when children are playing outdoors and do not
teach and interact fully to deepen children’s learning even further.
 The management team have not fully considered updating their information with
parents about children’s progress when children return after the summer holidays.
Inspection report: Chantlers Pre-School, 18 September 2015 2 of 5
What the setting needs to do to improve further
To further improve the quality of the early years provision the provider should:
 improve the quality of staff interaction in supporting and extending children’s play
experiences outdoors
 increase the opportunities for parents to share their children’s progress made at home.
Inspection activities
 The inspector observed the quality of teaching during activities inside and outdoors,
and assessed the impact this has on children’s learning.
 The inspector completed two joint observations with the manager.
 The inspector held a meeting with the manager and the host school’s headteacher. She
looked at relevant documentation, such as the manager’s self-evaluation and evidence
of the suitability of staff working in the pre-school.
 The inspector looked at a sample of policies, including risk assessments and children’s
assessment records, and discussed the systems for planning children’s play
 The inspector spoke to a small selection of parents and children during the inspection
and took account of their views.
Joanne Parrington
Inspection report: Chantlers Pre-School, 18 September 2015 3 of 5
Inspection findings
Effectiveness of the leadership and management is good
The management and staff have a good understanding of the legal requirements. The
arrangements for safeguarding are effective. Staff’s knowledge of the procedure they
would follow if they had concerns about a child or an issue with a member of staff’s
practice is secure. This is further supported by the management, ensuring that staff
receive regular training to update and refresh their understanding. Staff receive support,
coaching and guidance to enrich their practice. When staff have specific areas to be
strengthened, these are highlighted by the manager’s monitoring procedures and clear
targets are set. Children’s progress is monitored well. The manager has extended this
monitoring to different groups of children, so that that all children, including those in
receipt of early education funding, are benefiting from accessing a good quality provision.
Quality of teaching, learning and assessment is good
The well-qualified staff team provide good quality teaching and learning for all children,
including those who require additional support. When children play indoors, staff deliver
good quality activities and support their play well. They encourage children to develop a
have a go attitude. They ask children questions and encourage them to think how to work
things out and anticipate what might happen next. Children enjoy applying mathematical
concepts, such as numbers, shapes and basic quantities, to their play. They enjoy roleplay
situations, such as acting out doctors and nurses and caring for the injured staff,
making links to their own personal experiences. Children enjoy listening to and joining in
with storytelling sessions, developing their concentration levels. Parents are very much
involved and kept up to date regarding their child’s development.
Personal development, behaviour and welfare are good
Staff begin to form relationships with parents and children right from the start. The
manager reports on the positive impact this has on children’s emotional well-being.
Children’s good health and physical development are fostered well. Many of the children
enjoy being outdoors exploring the stimulating environment staff have created. Staff
reinforce good behaviour during activities, using lots of positive encouragement and
praise, which promotes children’s confidence and self-esteem. On the whole, children are
well behaved. They have clear, age-appropriate rules, which staff reinforce.
Outcomes for children are good
Children who are not reaching age-appropriate levels of development on entry to the preschool
are provided with intense support so that they catch up quickly. As a result, all
children leave reaching age-expected levels, with some exceeding. This means children
are successfully prepared with the key skills needed for their move on to school.
Inspection report: Chantlers Pre-School, 18 September 2015 4 of 5
Setting details
Unique reference number EY346120
Local authority Bury
Inspection number 857345
Type of provision Sessional provision
Day care type Childcare – Non-Domestic
Age range of children 3 – 5
Total number of places 32
Number of children on roll 49
Name of provider Chantlers Pre-School Committee
Date of previous inspection 28 November 2011
Telephone number 07934 533 006
Chantlers Pre-School was registered in 2009. The pre-school employs seven members of
childcare staff, all of whom hold appropriate early years qualifications at level 3. The preschool
opens Monday to Friday during term time only. Sessions are from 8.45am until
3.45pm. The pre-school provides funded early education for two-, three- and four-year-old
This inspection was carried out by Ofsted under sections 49 and 50 of the Childcare Act
2006 on the quality and standards of provision that is registered on the Early Years
Register. The registered person must ensure that this provision complies with the
statutory framework for children’s learning, development and care, known as the Early
Years Foundation Stage.