September & October Newsletter

Welcome to Chantlers Pre-school

Firstly, we would like to welcome our new Parents/Carers to Chantlers Pre-school, we hope your child has adapted well and is talking about their experiences with you at home. Secondly, we would like to welcome back our returning children and families and hope you all had a good summer.

The children have now been assigned their key person and back up key-person, if you are unsure who these people are please don’t hesitate to ask. Last week the children began to take part in the Letters and Sounds program with their key-person. Children of Pre-school, age start off on phase one, which is continued throughout school. This is a government endorsed educational programme where children will take part in phonics-based activities in their key groups. For more information please go onto this website.

Polite reminder

Please could make sure your child arrives in the setting on time at 8.45, the doors will be closed shortly after. When children arrive later than others it can be quite unsettling for the new children when the door remains open or late arrivals ring the doorbell. Additionally, please could you ensure you arrive on time to collect your child at the end of the sessions, arriving no later than 11.45 am and 3.30, this is imperative as the children who stay all day have lunch at 11.45 and have a limited time to eat it. We also have several children who are now going over to the after-school club at the end of the session in the afternoon and a number of staff that have to pick their children up from school at the end of the day (doors generally open at 11.40 and 3.20). N.B: Any unauthorised late arrivals beyond 5 minutes to collect your child at the end of the session will incur a charge. See your terms and conditions for further information.


Committee members needed

As you may know Chantlers Pre-school is a committee run organisation which consists of current and past parents. As with immediate effect we require committee members to come on board.  If you are interested in joining or know somebody who would be interested, please speak to Mrs Coles or Mrs Wood who will be able to provide you with more details.  Meetings generally take place every 8 weeks in the evenings for around an hour and are held in Pre-school.

Please note: Without the required members of this committee we are unable to operate and may face closure.

Arthur and Louie

We have introduced the children to our resident dogs Arthur and Louie, (don’t worry they are only cuddly toys). Each child will have the chance to take one of these dogs home for the weekend sometime during the next year. We would love it if you could take photos and write about what your child has done with the dog by sharing this on ‘Famly’, for example a trip to the park, a family member’s house, or even just tell us that you’ve had a well-deserved quiet weekend at home. we will also send home a worksheet for you to write on about what you have done, this will then be shared with the rest of the children when they return to school and placed in your child’s learning  journey.

School Admissions

We would like to remind parents of Pre-school age children that your child DOES NOT obtain an automatic place at Chantlers Primary School. You will have to apply for the school of your choice between September 2018 and no later than 15th January 2019.

This can be done online via the Bury council website. If you have any questions or queries regarding admissions, please contact the education admissions department directly on 0161 253 6474. Once the application has been submitted you can contact them at <>.  ( or on the above telephone number.


Dates for your diary

Thursday 11th October – School photographer coming into the setting.

Friday 19th October half term

Re-open Tuesday 30th October

Wednesday 31st Halloween dress up day £1 each